donderdag 16 januari 2014


having trouble uploading pictures to blogger. you can find me on tumblr:

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  1. If you have problems with the look of your photos changing soon as you upload them and you have Google+, you'll have to go to the settings page and uncheck the boxes for 'auto enhance' and 'auto awesome', and check the box for 'upload my photos in original size'.

    If you don't have Google+ and you have problems with your posted photos, you have no choice but to go to Google+ and do the same!

    You can then downgrade from Google+ again, but, if you have a general Google- profile you will lose that together with the Google+ profile.
    But, thank heavens, nothing will change on your Blogger User profile!

    If you use the Internet Explorer that can give all kinds of problems, too, because blogger announced they won't keep making sure that everything works with Explorer because they make too many changes with each update.

    For most known Blogger problems you can find solutions or explanations on this site:

    Would hate to see you go on blogger.
    Hope you won't get problems that your Tumbler blog can't be found in the search results because they do that with nudes/erotic Tumbler blogs since Yahoo took over things there...